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What they say about CNY RISE Center
CNY RISE is ALWAYS a welcoming place. They really, really do honor the mission represented in words on their logo: Respect, Inspiration, Service and Empathy. Compassionate, intelligent, generous and loving people. And, always, the food and Turkish coffee and tea are delicious!
The ladies cooking classes are such fun!  We share food stories, learn entirely new cooking techniques, and eagerly eat the day's production, always a salad or appetizer, an entree, and a dessert. I thought I didn't like lima beans or cauliflower, but the Turkish recipes turned out to be delicious. I attend these classes whenever I can, to catch up on the lives of my Turkish and American friends.
Great food and great atmosphere! Always welcoming to new people. Doesn't matter what nationality, culture, color, faith you are, the only truth is respect, dialogue and peace in this place. Since the beginning this place has been serving CNY community in great ways.
I really appreciate the dialogues among women of different faiths and cultures that RISE ladies have graciously hosted.
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